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18th floor, Kyobo building, Jongno 1, Jongno-gu
Seoul 03154, Republic of Korea
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Finland recognized the Republic of Korea on April 13, 1973 and diplomatic relations were established approximately four months later on 24 August 1973 with an exchange of notes. At the time, trade mission of the Republic of Korea had already been established in Helsinki on 26 April 1972 with the purpose of promoting trade between the two countries.


The Representation

Finnish ambassador to Tokyo, Osmo Lares was accredited for Soul from October 31, 1973 onwards. Finland's representation in the Republic of Korea was handled from Tokyo, but the lack of a local mission was not perceived efficient enough to take care of trade relations. To improve the situation Kak-Choong Kim was appointed as Honorary Consul to Seoul in October 1975. In the beginning of September 1976 Finland opened a commercial section of the Embassy of Tokyo in Seoul. Commercial secretary Heikki Latvanen was heading the office. He was appointed Chargé d'Affaires a.i. on November 1, 1978 when the embassy was opened. The main focus of the embassy was on politico-commercial affairs.

Visits of businessmen and trade delegations from Finland to the Republic of Korea increased at the end of the 1970s and the volume of trade between the countries grew significantly. Minister for Foreign Trade Esko Rekola made the first minister-level visit from Finland to the Republic of Korea in April 1980. The second Honorary Consulate was established in 1985 when Yung Won Kim was appointed as Honorary Consul to the city of Inchon.

After Chargé d'Affaires a.i. Heikki Latvanen's period in office the first resident ambassador, Juha Puromies was appointed to Seoul from February 1986.

Finnish ambassadors to Seoul

Osmo Laresambassador (Tokyo)1973-1978
Henrik Blomstedtambassador (Tokyo)1978-1984
Pauli Opasambassador (Tokyo)1984-1985
Juha Puromiesambassador1986-1991
Jorma Julinambassador1991-1996
Unto Turunenambassador1996-2000
Lauri Korpinenambassador2000-2004
Kim Luotonenambassador2004-2008
Pekka Wuoristoambassador2008-2012
Matti Heimonenambassador2012-2016
Eero Suominenambassador2016-

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